Contourier fitters are your expert guides here to help you cut through the confusion of intimate apparel to address your unique needs.  We offer bra fitting services, custom lingerie and solutions to extend the life of your unwanted and worn out bras.

We’re here to provide the ultimate personalized experience  to ensure you  feel comfortable, supported, and confident as you show up in the world!

Beside You Bra Fitting

Virtual Lingerie Fitting Concierge
$ 75
  • Virtual Assessment & Fitting
  • Personalized Shopping Guide for Your Body
  • Curated Lingerie Wardrobe Shopping List

With You Bra Fitting

In Person Lingerie Fitting Concierge (DFW Only)
$ 125
  • Virtual Assessment & In-Person Fitting
  • Personalized Shopping Guide for Your Body
  • Curated Lingerie Options Brought to You

For You Bra Fitting

In Person Lingerie Fitting Concierge (DFW Only)
$ 225
  • In-Person Assessment & Fitting
  • Personalized Shopping Guide for Your Body
  • Curated Lingerie Options Brought to You

We want this experience to be comfortable for you– and we understand getting naked is the least comfortable thing most of us can do. To offer you the most comprehensive and detailed assessment, it is best to see your naked, unsupported breast tissue.  However, we have other ways to provide you a stellar experience without seeing your naked breasts. 

Sustainable practices remain at top of mind at Contourier. We try to keep over consumption at bay and focus on providing solutions for your unique needs. As a baseline we ensure you have the following bras items covered in your wardrobing recommendations with some tweaks for your lifestyle: 

  1. 2-3 Basic Everyday Bras
  2. 1 Strapless or Covertible Bra
  3. 2-3 Sports Bras
  4. 2-3 Wireless/ Lounge Bras
  5. 1 Gorgeous, Feel Good Bra

Contourier fitters work within your budget and we keep our eye on the retail market for quality lingerie with high lifetime value.  Therefore, any bras we recommend should have a long lifespan in your lingerie drawer. 

Our concierge bra fittings can be completed in approximately 2-4 weeks from start to finish:

  1. You’ll have a 30 minute virtual assessment OR 1 hour in-person assessment, depending on your selection. We will review your current lingerie wardrobe, document your wants and needs, and take a few measurements.
  2. Your fitter  will then pull recommendations and begin creating  your personalized shopping guide.
  3. Options will be emailed to you for purchase (Beside You Bra Fitting) OR will be hand carried to your fitting (With You and For You Bra Fittings)
  4. During a 1 hour fit session, you’ll try on the options, learn why or why they don’t work and make selections.
  5. Keep what you love, and return what you don’t like. For the With You and For You packages, Contourier takes care of returns. 
  6. You will receive a final personalized shopping guide based on our fittings to guide your future purchases.
  7. Repeat every 6 months to a year!


Custom clothing is often perceived as a luxury, but we’ve made it accessible. Through a blend of cutting-edge technology and our extensive experience in the lingerie industry, we’ve streamlined our development processes, translating cost savings directly to you.

While ready-made lingerie may suffice for most, our range of material options and customization experiences add a touch of luxury. Whether it’s elevating a special occasion or simply having fun building a one-of-a-kind lingerie wardrobe, Contourier is here to mark the moment.  Unlike ready-made lingerie companies, our focus is on your  individuality, leaving no room for sizing gaps or overlooking unique needs. With Contourier, each item serves one purpose – to complement and celebrate your body.

I. Measurements & Fitting

Bra fitter measures, captures 3D scan and matches you to your closest bra size using Contourier’s proprietary fit techniques and Fit Kit Bra 

II. Design Selections

Choose your style, fabrics and trims to create your personalized Material Kit. Bra Fitter places order on online platform.

III. 3D Mockups & Approvals

Contourier creates your personalized pattern and 3D mockup according to our fit notes and your selections. Digital mockups are sent for your approval via email.

IV. Sewing & Production

Your Material Kit, pattern and 3D mockup is sent to our expert sewers and decorators for production. 

V. Quality Check & Packaging

Finished garments are thoroughly inspected. Garment is prepared to ship to you or to your retailer for beautifully packaged delivery.

VI. Delivery

Your package arrives and we’ll schedule a virtual fitting to ensure everything fits perfectly. If it’s not right, we’ll repeat steps 4-6 until you are 100% happy.


Now that you have a new bra wardrobe, you may be ready to clear out your linerie drawer! Contourier has great plans for them through our Bra Buyback Program. 

Email with your request to send your laundered bras and lingerie to us.  For every item you send, receive 2% off your Contourier purchase, up to 20%. We’ll send you a promo code and a shipping label to mail to our workroom and begin the sorting process.

Typical end uses for your items:

    • Any unworn or lightly worn bras will be donated to women in need.
    • Cup laces transform into new fabrics, the foundation of our upcycled product offerings. A portion of sales will benefit causes near and dear to our hearts.
    • Cup foam and elastics donated to recycler and shredded for use in post consumer materials such as mattress filler
    • We’ll use the rings, sliders, closures and wires for training our sewers and ultimately create bras that will be donated to women in need.
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